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Download Thunder VPN MOD APK V4.0.20 (VIP Unlocked/Fast Server)

Thunder VPN could be a VPN proxy server that permits you to get a replacement information processing address set at thousands of kilometers from your current location. This app helps you simply escape the censorship or limitations that any government or company sets.

What Is Thunder VPN?

The interface during this tool has been designed to change the affiliation method all the thanks to a very cheap level, that way, any user will use the tool while not having to own a good deal of technical data. so as to start out the affiliation method, the sole issue you have got to try to clicks on the beginning button set on the lower a part of the screen. Once you click thereon, you may mechanically connect with the closest VPN. That’s it, it’s that easy. 
This tool includes an outsized vary of choices that you simply will connect with just in case you wish to vary your location. as an example, if you wish to be set within u. s. or France, you simply have to be compelled to open the list and decide the destination that you simply just like the most. Once you are connected, you’ll be able to browse even as if you were truly in this country. 
Thunder VPN could be a nice choice to browse with none sort of censorship or limitation as a result of you’ll be able to browse freely, at a good speed and while not even being aware that you are connected to a VPN proxy. fancy the net with none worry with this app.
When it involves the Internet’s safety and security, Thunder VPN is an important tool. It encrypts your affiliation so third parties can’t track your online activity, creating it safer than a typical proxy.
We have engineered a worldwide VPN network enclosed America, Europe, and Asia, and expand to a lot of countries before long. Most servers area unit absolves to use, you’ll click the flag and alter server as many times as you would like.

There is no doubt that VPNs have turned into a popular thing today and lots of people seem to be searching out for free VPNs. Lately, a one-free VPN service, Thunder VPN, has come to our interest. Branding itself like a lightning-fast app to present free VPN proxy assistance ‘, Thunder VPN is accessible on the Google Play retail store.

It claims to boundless VPN accessibility via many servers using a stringent no-logging policy. The truth is that there is no requirement even for consumers to enroll and require no additional program permissions and will work on cellular data also. Sounds way too fantastic to be true? You may possibly be proper. Let’s consider how ThunderVPN really compares to its own claims.

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Thunder VPN has Horribly Slow Speeds
As always when analyzing VPN relations, it’s always recommended to do some research check so you’ll know what your’raw’ speeds are during the time. With this evaluation, we used a Huawei MediaPad m-5 Guru and also got an evaluation of around 46Mbps Away and 27Mbps Up.

Speed Test on Huawei MediaPad M 5 Pro with No VPN
Revved up Thunder VPN, we tried to run the speed test over the default option connection, which Thunder VPN maintained was the best for people. Inside this scenario, the Japan server managed to join, but we may not do anything on that link, but not also browse.

We then changed into their France host and was able to find a relationship. Thunder VPN gave us a speed of roughly 2Mbps Down and 9Mbps up. Even for a cost-free VPN assistance, that’s a pretty appalling drop.

ThunderVPN France Server Speed

Speed Test Result of ThunderVPN France Server
Comparatively, we ran the test on the TorGuard link simply to check if there might be something unusual taking place. TorGuard was nice and operated to nearly suit our base-line rate at 33Mbps Down and 40Mbps Up.

TorGuard Allergic Speed Evaluation
Pace Test Result On Huawei MediaPad M-5 Pro for TorGuard
To be honest with Thunder VPN, the actual distance from a VPN server also influences VPN rates. Nevertheless, the range of locations and servers they operate contrasts sharply with their claim of operating many servers.

We are perhaps not amazed and consider that it’s likely any programs you try to conduct while connected with Thunder VPN are likely to give you hiccups in operation.

Just two-wheeled Server Destinations
Thunder VPN has servers in 9 areas across the world (8, if you rely on the US East and West coast as one). Outside the USA, the areas are typical in Europe, together with the single Asia place be-ing Japan. There isn’t any term of the number of servers that it operates in these destinations.

In case you were to compare this having a compensated VPN agency — let’s take ExpressVPN such as. ExpressVPN has some excellent deals from time to time which brings down its selling price a little. Yet however much you cover, you’re gaining use of thousands of servers at over a hundred locations around the world.That’s only something to consider

Privacy Policy — Maybe Not So Private?

Nearly every VPN supplier now is trying to assure its people it has a rigid no-logging policy. This really is most likely caused by this stink many users grow following a few VPN businesses released person logs to authorities a few times back again.

To get a company that is concerned with providing solitude and security services, this kind of trust violation is the cardinal sin. We’re not yet sure the way Thunder VPN can hold up against jurisdiction pressure, however, let’s take a couple of matters


Thunder VPN Premium Apk Main Features

Why opt for Thunder VPN?
✓ a sizable amount of servers, high-speed information measure
✓ opt for apps that victimization VPN (Android five.0+ required)
✓ Strict no-logging policy
✓ good opt for the server
✓ Well-designed UI, a few ADs
✓ No usage and deadline
✓ No registration or configuration needed
✓ No further permissions needed
Download Thunder VPN, the world’s quickest secure virtual personal network, and revel in it all!
thunder vpn
If Thunder VPN connect failing, don’t fret, you’ll follow these steps to mend it:
1) Click the flag icon
2) Click the refresh button to ascertain servers
3) opt for the quickest and most stable server to reconnect
Hoping you suggestion and smart rating to stay it growing and build it higher 🙂
VPN connected introduction
Applications running across the VPN could thus take pleasure in the practicality, security, and management of the personal network.
 However, some websites block access to famed VPN technology to forestall the dodging of their geo-restrictions.
VPNs cannot build online connections fully anonymous, however, they will sometimes increase privacy and security. to forestall revelation of personal data, VPNs usually permit solely documented remote access victimization tunneling protocols and cryptography techniques.
Mobile virtual personal networks area unit utilized in settings wherever Associate in Nursing terminus of the VPN isn’t mounted to one information processing address, however instead roams across varied networks like knowledge networks from cellular carriers or between multiple Wi-Fi access points. 
Changelog / What is New
We area unit is happy to announce that we’ve formally provided very important person services and more an outsized range of VIP-specific high-speed servers. you’ll subscribe to our very important person services through Google Play and revel in high-speed and secure VPN connections while no ads.
* Fix bugs
– Lightning-fast VPN! Thunder VPN can perpetually offer you a super quick VPN service.


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