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Best Camera Apps For IPhone X – Impressive Depth Effects, HDR, Pro Editing, & More

Best Camera Apps for iPhone X free download.

There we have the new iPhone 10 and we are going to take a look and some of the best apps to take advantage of the amazing new camera on the iPhone 10 as well as the new features inside of iOS 11 now while there are a ton of photography and filmography apps out there we focus on only ones that brought support to the iPhone 10.

Filmic Pro free download

So obviously we may see some more in the future but we’re gonna start off with these six the first app up is a filmic pro which is also the only app on our list that exclusively focuses on actually editing or shooting videos rather than photos filmic Pro has been around for a long time and they’ve taken advantage of a lot of the newer features in iOS and 11 as well as the new better screen on the iPhone 10 as far as a few basics go you have two sliders on the screen one for the exposure and one for the focus which you can lock in or pull on these manual controls on the right-hand side you can see as we adjust the focus on the left you can see as we adjust the exposure you can see the ISO as well as exposure on the left-hand side in go between focus and zoom.

best camera apps for iphone x

on the right hand side a couple of cool things that I really like about this app is as you’re adjusting the focus levels or the zoom levels you can see what is and is not InFocus using those overlaid analytics you can also say input it now put points and it’ll actually do kind of a follow focus setting and going from the first point to the second point so as you’re filming you can easily automate a zoom setting all those manual stop points without having to go and try to movie yourself which can often end up in shaky footage there is tons of Pro features including the ability to adjust the white balances either manually or using several of the built-in presets and of course you also have an auto white balance if you don’t want to do the adjusting yourself or you want to wait and do it in post the big new screen is really helpful you see a lot of information on it as well as the controls on the bottom you can see the frame rate as well as resolution your time stamps audio levels battery life and storage the bottom right allows you easy access to settings playing back your pre-recorded footage in starting and stopping a record here you can see that kind of really cool overlaid analytics when I’m adjusting the focus and the blue and the green colors showing you what is highlighted is going to be in focus as far as what is not in focus it’s a really neat effect and really handy when you’re trying to tell if something is or isn’t in focus as you’re filming tapping on any pre recorded footage allows you to easily make adjustments to it trim it down grade the clowny or share it inside the settings there are tons of options that you can dig into other than the basics like frame rate you can also put in stuff for CMS device information saving your presets and more there are still a black bars in the app but obviously that is mostly cropped just because they’re the size of the image and it still works either in portrait or landscape view if you really want great video try combining filmic Pro with a gimbal like the Asthma mobile.

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Darkroom app free download

Next up we have one of the few editing apps that we’ve featured on our list and that is darkroom version 3.2 brought a bunch of new features including a new iPhone 10 UI a wide color gamut and even support for metal rendering there’s going to be a lot smoother in editing all those high-end photos that you’re taking they easily take advantage of the big new display you see all the different controls here on the bottom how they go directly to the bottom of the phone including cropping filters adjustments curves filters color adjustments and more they’ve even added a few controls up into the ears of your iPhone 10 by editing the three little dots in that top right hand corner the share sheet unit operate hand corner and the back button in the upper left tapping on the share sheet basically gives you another menu where you can view metadata favorite certain photos hide a specific photo or even delete the photo and obviously it’s having on the share sheet icon pulls up abilities to modify the original save it as a copy or export it with other services darkroom has always been one of my favorite photo editing apps and it got even better here on the iPhone 10 how light is up next on our list and they are a fantastic manual photo app.

As well with just tons of controls built in all the controls are easily accessible from one hand down on the bottom of the screen you can see options for returning the flash on and off and enabling or disabling location services adjusting focus and manually including an overlay of a wear the focus is in the image so you can easily tell in even using the new depth features of any cameras that any dual camera setups like on the iPhone 8 plus the iPhone 10 or the iPhone 7 plus every inch of the screen has been taking advantage of click in the top left hand corner you can see a histogram of the image in the top right hand corner you can see the exposure offset and as we adjust it manually in the photo and then obviously there is the shutter button right there in the center for easily snapping a pic HDR photography has been getting incredibly popular and an app to really take advantage of that and to take some really stunning photos is Hydra.

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Hydra app free download

here you can take HDR photos HDR videos low-light photos the zoomed photos and high-resolution photos and it does this in a really cool way so if we jump over to the basic like HDR HDR normally works by shooting several photos at once and then combining them into one image and that’s exactly what they do here in Hydra so I go ahead put on HDR and tap this and it’ll capture several images and stitch them all together when it’s done you have three options black and white a medium effect or strong effect for this photo I think strong effect looks best tap on the gallery in the bottom left-hand photo to see the photos that you’ve taken or your camera roll this is also great for taking photos in low light it applies a similar effect by taking multiple images and stitching together to reduce grain on those photos and lastly we have high resolution this actually takes a ton of photos like 50 to 60 photos and puts them all together for a whopping thirty two megapixel photo.

best camera apps for iphone x
best camera apps for iphone x

Which is far more than your iPhone is normally capable of taking once you sixers together you end up with a photo that is far clearer then your iPhone couldn’t normally take for instance let’s go ahead and zoom in really close to that photo we just took on BBE and look how clear that photo is no matter how much we zoomed in it’s pretty incredible and just like we had with the HDR photos you can still go in and change the resolution so if you don’t want full 36 or 32 megapixel resolution you can still tap on the little Settings icon there in the top and change from 32 to 24 or even 18.

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Pro camera app free download

pro camera is another great manual photo application so this doesn’t do any of those really fancy effects that we saw on others but it is a really clean easy to use photo app that keeps pretty much everything within one-handed use you can see the exposure compensation on the bottom easily jump between different shooting modes whether video photo HDR low light plus low light and selfie mode all those are really easily within reach and just tap on that little up and down arrow to choose a mode there’s also a built-in timer so whether you’re taking a selfie or taking a group shot really easy access to the timer right there at the bottom it’s happening on the hamburger icon and that bottom right-hand corner pulls up a medley of option to choose between like setting the focus and exposure lock or rapid-firing Cribs turning on histograms turning on anti-shake.

best camera apps for iphone x
best camera apps for iphone x

The Ceph itself a timer wide a dual or tell lens shots the format between TIFF raw jpg anything that you’d like really even support for a gif just a really another nice option that’s taken advantage of all the great features here in the iPhone 10 from white color game it to the great display to those dual lenses and last up on our list is probably one of my favorites which is focus and then is focused with two O’s and not just one first you note it automatically uses those dual lenses for the camera so you’d have to move a little bit further away from your subject and it’ll capture that depth image and there are really cool things you can do for instance adjusting your focus after you’ve taken the shot.

So first we’re going to adjust the amount of blur bouquet that we have in our photo then you can just tap on the part that you want to in focus and you can do that you can also change the shape of the diaphragm whether it’s something basic like a circle or jumping into really fun shapes of course in this photo we don’t have any light sources that are producing some nice bouquets but if you upgrade to pro there are tons of options that you can put in all the bouquets in the background will actually have that shape here is where it gets really cold out under the effects tab here’s a photo of my cat that I took in portrait mode you didn’t kind of tell it it’s a cat but now you can adjust the background bouquet as well as the foreground okay so you can see as I’m adjusting that where it’ll start to blur the image so in this case I want the face of my cat to definitely be in focus I’m gonna move that back okay a little bit further back and just the front bouquet a little bit forward now that could be it I could just boost up those bouquets and make a really stunning photo but also had all these different depth filters for all these different parts.

best camera apps for iphone x

But the really cool ones are down here at the bottom for instance this rain effect it actually uses the depth effects of your phone your camera and applies rain in a depth flight pattern you can even increase and decrease the background blur in boquete of the foreground and the background so that there that is the rain effect which I think looks the best out of all of them but there are a few others to choose from including snow which is getting to be more and more appropriate this time of year there is sandstorm here at the bottom which definitely isn’t as cool and it just maybe it’s because I’m taking a photo of my cat on the carpet that it doesn’t look as good and then we also have fog which looks as pretty cool as well this would be really cool for some outside landscape photography of course you don’t have to have any of those crazy effects you can still just go to the manual ones like changing your focus your aperture shapes your dot your diaphragm shapes I’m sorry and just increasing or decreasing the amount of blur and being able to adjust where and the photo those are it is really impressive being able to do that kind of stuff here in the app of course you can adjust other things like the hue of the image you can make this change it a little bit more or less depending what you want whether you’re trying to go for artsy.

Just more realistic lighting of all of the apps this is probably the most unique and most fun app that I’ve played with it’s absolutely free though the pro version is an upgrade if you want any of those really cool features like these rain effects that some things like you’re gonna have to pay for so put a bow on it every one and that is a wrap there are six on the best applications for photo and video that have been upgraded here for the iPhone 10 we looked at filmic Pro for taking video darkroom for really editing photos halide and pro camera for taking great manual shots hydra for some HDR photography and a focus to take some really stunning photos with that depth effect on any photo or camera that supports dual lenses.

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